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Connection between diet and health has always been recognized; Now, thanks to strict scientific and authoritative controls, it's possible gives precise and valid indications on most suitable foods to the health maintenance from various points of view.

Benefood line of Eurosup is made of functional foods with important nutritional characteristics that contribute to the welfare and health.

Claudio Chiappucci ex cycling champion, ambassador Eurosup for years, daily use products Benefood.

Who is

BeneFood is a trademark Eurosup .

Quality since 1993

Eurosup deals with food supplements , dietetic products and food since 1993. Due to advanced production processes , research and experience , we provide innovative, high quality, purity and effectiveness.



The main features of our products:

- high quality of raw materials used : must comply with the very strict European quality standards.
- advanced production technologies and product control
- high quality packaging : our cans are obtained by closing the the application , under the cap , a seal welded to ensure that the contents of the can is not in contact with the air and thus to keep the product from possible oxidation and moisture absorption
- effective formulations
- ownership of the brands which sell products


Our lines

Line Eurosup power solutions - products for athletes and active people Line Eurosup fit solutions - products for the well-being and for active people based on vitamins , minerals, plant extracts and other nutrients.
Line Eurosup green solutions - products for the well-being mainly based on plant extracts. < br / > Line Prolabs - Simply the quality and effectiveness
Future Line -Tec - products for athletes and active people
Line Good Food - functional foods

Allergen Info
The legislation provides that , if present, the allergenic ingredient ( such as milk, cereal with gluten, etc. ) is indicated on the label . So if the allergen is not listed on our labels , it means that the product does not contain this allergen as an ingredient or as part of an ingredient .

info Doping
Our products do not contain substances of doping : in Italy these are expressly prohibited. All of our products are carefully formulated and manufactured in such a way as not to contain any doping substance .

GMO info
The legislation provides that , if present, is indicated on the label GMO ingredient . The Eurosup does not use GMO ingredients and so our labels bear no GMO ingredient .

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